JMBC Small Groups

Staying CONNECTED through JMBC Small Groups

Evonne Covington and Doncella Gibson Zoom Thursday 7:00PM contact: 803-773-5809(Evonne) or 803-481-9039 (Doncella)
Sarah Nelson Conf call- line 2 Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Contact 803-773-9718
Pequita Bradley and Dea. Terry Kenely Zoom Thursday 6:30-7:30 Contact at (803) 316-8965 ( Kenely) or 803 840-4071 ( Bradley)
Stephanie Hickmon and Dea. Hakeem Drayton Zoom Tuesday 7:00-8:00pm Contact at (803) 778-2984 ( Stephanie) or (803) 899-3393 (Hakeem)
Dea. Jim and Dea. Ruth McKinney Zoom Tuesday 7:00-8:00pm Contact (803)468-0478 Jim
Dea. Ronald and Dea. Carol Gailliard Zoom Tuesday 7:00-8:00pm Contact starts (803) 795-8833
Min. Estelle Brunson Wednesday 7:05-8:00pm Conference Call Contact: (803) 795-9949
Dea. David Weeks Zoom Monday 8:00-9:00pm Contact at (803) 968- 9409
Min. Ethel Johnson Conference Call. Tuesday 11AM - 12 Noon Contact: (803) 316-7416
Sis. Betty Burgess Conference Call Thursday 11am-12Noon and. Thursday 7-8pm Contact: 803 469-7322
Dea. Eric and Linda Avery. Zoom Thursday 7:00-8:00pm Contact: (803) 983-4166 )For married or engaged couples)
Pastor Ricky Simmons any youth desiring a group, contact: (803) 840-1606
April McFadden Zoom Sunday 2:00pm Youth only ages 13-19 Contact: (803) 565- 9274
Dea. Deloris Griffith. Zoom Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm ( Women only) Contact: (803)469-0686
Dea. Ben Griffith - Men's Class - Monday night 8pm on ZOOM. 803-847-1769
Pastor Nate Brock and Pastor Marion H. Newton - Ministerial Class

For all YOUTH classes, please contact Pastor Ricky Simmons at (803) 840-1606. There are several youth groups meeting during the week. He will be happy to get you CONNECTED to the appropriate group!

When you text the group facilitator be sure to leave your name and preferred contact time and method.

Some groups may already be full. If your preferred group is full, do not give up! Ask that facilitator to help you find another group or you may call another group. We do not want anyone to miss out on these times of fellowship and study!

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